UCLA School of Law offers engaging classroom instruction across a wide spectrum of courses that appeal to students with disparate interests. Beyond the intellectually rich core program lie additional valuable opportunities to enhance student learning and preparation for professional pursuits.

Our curriculum includes intensive, supervised educational experiences in the school's groundbreaking clinical program, coordinated courses of study in specific areas of specialization, joint degree programs, and special programs.

Areas of specialization allow students to earn an advanced degree in a specialty area. Currently, UCLA School of Law offers areas of specialization in Business Law, Critical Race Studies, Entertainment and Media, Law and Philosophy, and Public Interest.

Joint Degree Programs allow students to pursue formal training in another field of study concurrently with their legal training.

UCLA School of Law also boasts a variety of Special Programs, areas in which we have deep faculty knowledge, broad curricular offerings, dedicated support staff, formal linkages with other UCLA departments, or ongoing research programs.