Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies (IHEID)

Geneva, Switzerland

Are classes are taught in English?

While classes are taught in both English and French, the majority of the course offerings are taught in English. Students may elect to take classes taught only in English, for which there are about ten offerings available each semester, or between 15 and 20 each academic year. Should students opt to take courses in French, they must provide evidence of proficiency in that language deemed sufficient by the Graduate Institute. Available course offerings cover a range of fields, such as International Law and Terrorism, International Health Law, Corporate Responsibility in Transnational and International Law, and more. A course catalog from the previous academic year can be found here.

What are the major strengths of the program?

The curriculum is particularly strong in International Law, Human Rights Law, and Trade Law. Previous students have pursued studies at the Graduate Institute with an emphasis on International Humanitarian Law, International Health Law, and International Business Law.

How many U.S. exchange students are there?

The number of U.S. exchange students varies from one year to the next. In the 2012-2013 academic year, eight of the 17 exchange students at the Graduate Institute were from the U.S. In the two prior years, there were three and 14 U.S. exchange students respectively. The Graduate Institute will accept two students from UCLA Law per semester, or no more than four per academic year. The Graduate Institute also has exchange agreements with Boston University, Michigan, and Harvard, and welcomes approximately one to four students combined per year from these law schools. Between 20 and 30 students from other institutions abroad participate in exchanges at the Graduate Institute over the course of an academic year, with the majority of those exchanges concentrated in the fall semester. These students come from a range of the approximately 23 different institutions with whom the Graduate Institute holds exchange partnerships from Egypt, Ghana, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Mexico, and Singapore.

What is the term schedule?

The fall semester runs from mid-September to late December. The spring semester runs from February to June. There are a greater number of elective courses available during the spring semester, and exchange students receive priority placement in elective courses. Click here for more information regarding the Graduate Institute’s academic calendar.

Where can I get housing?

Incoming students may contact the Housing Services office of the University of Geneva to obtain assistance in organizing their housing arrangements in Geneva, but accommodations are not guaranteed. Housing in Geneva is particularly scarce, so students are encouraged to begin their search as soon as possible. The Student Services Office will help incoming students coordinate their arrival and stay in Geneva and offer assistance regarding visas, housing, course registration, logistics, and more. Housing in Geneva can range from about $700 to $1,300 per month, depending on preferences and amenities. Students are advised to budget approximately $1,200 to $2,100 per month to cover housing, living, and other additional expenses in Geneva.

Whom should I contact for more information?

UCLA Law Contacts:

Tiffany Parnell, Graduate Studies Coordinator (

Professor Richard Steinberg, Faculty FLSEP Coordinator (

* Prospective exchange students seeking more information about the Graduate Institute are advised to first contact the designated UCLA coordinator and/or faculty contact with any initial questions. Only after submitting an application and receiving an official UCLA Law nomination should students then contact the Graduate Institute coordinators directly.

The Graduate Institute Contacts:

Ms. Concepta Canale, Exchange Coordinator (

Dr. Laurent Neury, Academic Adviser (