Keio Law School

Tokyo, Japan

Are classes taught in English?

The vast majority of classes at Keio are taught in Japanese. Students seeking to enroll in courses offered in Japanese must demonstrate language proficiency evidencing their ability to read materials in Japanese and actively participate in class. There are, however, about ten English courses offered each semester in topics such as Comparative Corporate Law, International Intellectual Property, and International Dispute Resolution. A list of classes offered in English can be found here.

What are the major strengths of the program?

Most of the English courses focus on International Business Law. Previous UCLA Law students who studied abroad at Keio expressed strong interest in Intellectual Property Law, Japanese/East Asian Law, and International Business Law.

How many U.S. exchange students are there?

While the exact number of U.S. students varies each year, there are only about ten exchange students admitted each semester. Keio will admit two students from UCLA Law per semester, or up to four students per academic year.

What is the term schedule?

The fall semester runs from late September to early February. The spring semester runs from early April to late July. As there are no classes in session during the January to April timeframe, most students will enroll at Keio during the fall semester. Fall English language courses are scheduled to end by late December. Students in Japanese language courses can also apply to write a final paper in December in lieu of taking the February exam. For more details regarding the academic calendar, click here.

Where can I get housing?

Keio provides subsidized student housing in its dormitories for about $600-800 per month. Exchange students are eligible to apply for units in these dorms. Exchange students also do not typically have difficulty finding short-term (non-university) housing at reasonable prices. The International Exchange Committee will provide incoming exchange students with a list of housing resources online upon request. The cost of living in Tokyo is estimated to be between $1,300 and $1,700 per month.

Whom should I contact for more information?

UCLA Law Contacts:

Tiffany Parnell, Graduate Studies Coordinator (

Professor Frances Olsen, Faculty FLSEP Coordinator (

* Prospective exchange students seeking more information about Keio are advised to first contact the designated UCLA coordinator and/or faculty contact with any initial questions. Only after submitting an application and receiving an official UCLA Law nomination should students then contact the Keio coordinator directly.

Keio Contact:

Professor Gerald Paul McAlinn (