Gender Studies Courses & Clinics

Gender Studies Courses

Course # Course Name Faculty
LAW 148 Constitutional Law I Samuel L. Bray / Stephen Gardbaum / Robert D. Goldstein / Cheryl I. Harris / Lawrence Sager / Jonathan D. Varat / Adam Winkler / Pavel Wonsowicz
LAW 205 Wills and Trusts Frances H. Foster / Susan Fletcher French / Patrick D. Goodman
LAW 207 Community Property Grace Ganz Blumberg / Hillary F. Slevin
LAW 214 Civil Rights KimberlĂ© W. Crenshaw / Cheryl I. Harris
LAW 220 Introduction to Federal Income Taxation Steven A. Bank / Jason Oh / Kirk J. Stark / Eric M. Zolt
LAW 232 Cybersecurity Law and Policy Stuart Biegel / Kristen Eichensehr
LAW 234 Accounting For Lawyers John J. Power
LAW 248 Business Bankruptcy Daniel J. Bussel / Kenneth N. Klee
LAW 263 Employment Discrimination Law Cheryl I. Harris / Noah D. Zatz
LAW 317 Family Law Grace Ganz Blumberg / Douglas NeJaime / Frances Elisabeth Olsen / Nancy Polikoff
LAW 318 Law and Sexuality Douglas NeJaime / Nancy Polikoff / Alexandra Lang Susman
LAW 329 Women and the Law Shiva Falsafi / Frances Elisabeth Olsen / Nancy Polikoff
LAW 331 Immigration Law Hiroshi Motomura
LAW 441 Elder Law Taimie L. Bryant
LAW 584 Human Rights and Sexual Politics Andrew Park / Lara Stemple
LAW 592 Sexual Orientation Workshop Douglas NeJaime / Alexandra Lang Susman
LAW 612 Reproduction, Medical Ethics, and the Law Julie D. Cantor
LAW 626 Health Insurance and Reform: Normative, Empirical and Policy Perspectives Allison Hoffman
LAW 654 Contemporary Free Exercise Issues: Sword or Shield? Michelle N. Deutchman
LAW 655 Feminist Legal Theory Frances Elisabeth Olsen
LAW 672 HIV/AIDS Law and Public Policy Ayako Miyashita / Robert Bradley Sears
LAW 689 Future Law: Legal & Governance Responses to Transformative Societal Trends Edward A. Parson