Interdisciplinary Studies Courses & Clinics

Interdisciplinary Studies Courses

Course # Course Name Faculty
LAW 209 Real Estate Finance Grant S. Nelson
LAW 217 Legal Philosophy Mark Greenberg / Moran Yahav / Ariel Zylberman
LAW 232 Cybersecurity Law and Policy Stuart Biegel / Kristen Eichensehr
LAW 266 Critical Race Theory Devon W. Carbado / Cheryl I. Harris
LAW 267 Federal Indian Law Carole E. Goldberg / Angela R. Riley
LAW 282 Education and the Law Stuart Biegel
LAW 286 Land Use Jonathan M. Zasloff
LAW 290 Environmental Law and Policy Ann E. Carlson / Sean B. Hecht / Cara Horowitz / Edward A. Parson
LAW 308 Animals and the Law Taimie L. Bryant
LAW 315 Asian American Jurisprudence Jerry Kang
LAW 326 Health Law and Policy Allison Hoffman / Jill R. Horwitz
LAW 329 Women and the Law Shiva Falsafi / Frances Elisabeth Olsen / Nancy Polikoff
LAW 361 Environmental Policy and Politics Timothy Malloy
LAW 376 Law and Dissent Frances Elisabeth Olsen
LAW 397 Advanced Legal Research Stephanie Anayah / Cheryl Kelly Fischer / Kevin Gerson / Kelly M. Leong / Lynn McClelland
LAW 412 Law and Neuroscience Emily R.D. Murphy
LAW 441 Elder Law Taimie L. Bryant
LAW 442 Public Health Law and Policy Charleen Hsuan
LAW 447 Corporate Finance - Securities Markets and Corporate Value Lori Santikian
LAW 500 Constitutional Theory Adam Winkler
LAW 528 Tribal Legal Systems Carole E. Goldberg
LAW 543 UCLA Colloquium on Tax Policy and Public Finance Jason Oh / Kirk J. Stark / Eric M. Zolt
LAW 549 Introduction to Islamic Law Khaled M. Abou El Fadl
LAW 551 Philosophy of Punishment David Dolinko
LAW 555 Legal Theory Workshop Mark Greenberg / Stephen R. Munzer / Lawrence Sager / Seana Shiffrin
LAW 557 Contemporary Philosophy of Law Mark Greenberg / Seana Shiffrin
LAW 558 Political Crimes and Legal Systems Khaled M. Abou El Fadl
LAW 579 Empirical Legal Studies: Research and Composition Benjamin Nyblade
LAW 585 Law and Literature Daniel Hays Lowenstein
LAW 594 Quantitative Methods in the Courtroom Richard H. Sander
LAW 595 Law and Popular Culture Patrick D. Goodman
LAW 609 How would You change Legal Education? Gerald López
LAW 610 Political Theory of the Founders Joshua Foa Dienstag
LAW 612 Reproduction, Medical Ethics, and the Law Julie D. Cantor
LAW 624 Legal Philosophy--Feminist Contributions Frances Elisabeth Olsen
LAW 637 Good (Native) Governance Angela R. Riley
LAW 640 Higher Education: Law and Policy Shiva Falsafi / Rachel F. Moran
LAW 645 Race Conscious Remedies Cheryl I. Harris
LAW 648A/B Law and Economics Workshop Mark F. Grady / Jill R. Horwitz / Alexander Stremitzer
LAW 653 Advanced Critical Race Theory Devon W. Carbado / Kimberlé W. Crenshaw
LAW 655 Feminist Legal Theory Frances Elisabeth Olsen
LAW 657 International Criminal Court Richard H. Steinberg
LAW 668 The 8th Amendment Punishments Clause Sharon Dolovich
LAW 681 What Drives Innovation Neil W. Netanel
LAW 686 Human Rights and Animal Rights Joshua Foa Dienstag
LAW 689 Future Law: Legal & Governance Responses to Transformative Societal Trends Edward A. Parson
LAW 690 Race, Social Psychology, and the Legal Process David Simson
LAW 915 Law and Economics Thomas S. Ulen
LAW 944 How Should We Fix the U.S. Health Care System? Jill R. Horwitz / Lynn McClelland
LAW M514 Cultural Property Angela R. Riley