Course Description

LAW 295 - Advanced Criminal Procedure: Adjudication

The subject of this course is the criminal process "from bail to jail."  We will examine the constitutional and non-constitutional procedural components of the criminal trial process, as well as pre-trial and post-trial proceedings.  Particular emphasis will be placed on prosecutorial and defense ethics throughout the process.  This course is designed to complement Law 202 ("Constitutional Criminal Procedure"), Law 711 ("Pre-trial Criminal Litigation"), Law 715 ("Criminal Defense Clinic"), and Law 720 ("Criminal Trial Advocacy"), but those courses are not prerequisites. 

This course will satisfy the Professional Responsibility requirement for graduation.  It may not satisfy the Professional Responsibility requirement for every State Bar.

Course Information:

This course is not offered in 2016 - 2017

Constitutional Law, Government, and Public Policy; Criminal Law and Procedure; Professional Responsibility & The Legal Profession;