On-Campus Interview Programs

The On-Campus Interview Programs provide prospective employers with the ability to conduct interviews at UCLA School of Law.  Over 400 interviewers come onto campus each year to recruit for summer or postgraduate legal positions.  While a large number of employers come to campus each year for recruiting purposes, students are reminded that this is only one method by which students can obtain legal positions.

Fall On-Campus Interview Program (Fall OCIP)
Fall OCIP is available to all second and third year students, with interviews beginning in early September and continuing for several weeks.  Hundreds of recruiters from private practice, government, corporate, and public interest fields come to UCLA, representing offices from a wide array of geographic areas nationally and even internationally.  UCLA School of Law is confident that all of our students have the potential to become outstanding attorneys and accordingly does not permit any employer participating in Fall OCIP to preselect students for interviews; interview assignments are made through a lottery system.  Students who participate generally receive interview opportunities with numerous employers.

Spring Interviewing
Employers are invited in to interview first, second, and/or third year students during the spring semester.

Public Interest Career Day

The Office, in conjunction with the Office of Public Interest Programs hosts our Annual Public Interest Career Day.  This event is an all-day informational event with representatives from more than 100 organizations, agencies and firms.  During the course of Public Interest Career Day, a number of informal discussions focusing on different substantive areas of practice are held, along with informal table talk and formal interviews for summer and post-graduate potions.

Government Reception & Information Fair

Each fall, the Office hosts an Annual Government Month commencing with a high profile Keynote Speaker and culminating in an Annual Reception and Information Fair.  All students are encouraged to attend a series of panels with government lawyers to learn about the array of public sector experiences and opportunities available to them.  The Annual Government Reception and Information Fair is a large networking event where students and lawyers from government agencies can interact and students can learn about government employment at local, state and federal levels.  For the fall 2004 Ninth Annual Government Reception and Information Fair, approximately 50 government representatives attended the reception with others forwarding information to the school.  Resumes were also collected from students and recent graduates for nearly 20 offices.

Small/Mid Sized Law Firm Reception

Each March, the Office hosts an Annual Small/Mid-Size Law Firm Reception, which is a large networking event where students and attorneys from small and mid-size law firms can meet and interact.  Many of the firms collect resumes from students and recent graduates.  There are always a number of students who receive interviews and /or job offers as a result of the reception.

Job Fairs

UCLA law students have the opportunity to participate in off-campus interview programs in New York and Washington D.C., which the Office coordinates with a consortium of several other law schools.  In addition, the students may participate in a variety of other job fairs around the country, including the Northwest Minority Job Fair, the DuPont Minority Legal Job Fair, the San Francisco Bay Area Intellectual Property Job Fair, the Cook County Minority Law Student Job FairChicago Patent Law Interview Program, the NYU LLM Job Fair, the Boston Lawyers Group Job Fair and the Minnesota Minority Recruitment Conference.  Other  Job Fairs.