Grades / Point Ranges Grades Grade Point Ranges

The grading system is outlined below.


A+  4.3 (extraordinary performance)
A  4.0 - 4.29
A-  3.7 - 3.99
B+  3.3 - 3.69
B  3.0 - 3.29
B-  2.7 - 2.99
C+  2.3 - 2.69
C         2.0 - 2.29​
C-  1.7 - 1.99
D+  1.3 - 1.69
D  1.0 - 1.29
F   0 -.99

Students may report their grade point averages on their resumes using either a letter grade or the appropriate numerical calculation. For example, a student with a 3.699 may report his or her grade point average as a 3.699, a 3.69 or a B+. Students are not permitted to "round-up" in reporting their averages. Accordingly, for example, a student would not be permitted to report an A- average unless she had at least a 3.7 numerical average.


It is the policy of the School of Law not to rank its student body. The only exceptions are (1) the top 12 students following the first year are ranked; (2) the top ten students following the second and third year classes are ranked; (3) students applying for judicial clerkships and academic positions; and (4) students in the top ten percent of each graduating class are invited to join the Order of the Coif, the national legal honorary scholastic society.* These distinctions will appear in the memorandum section of the transcript.

  *Under Coif’s rules, only students who have completed at least 75 percent of their law studies in letter-graded courses are eligible for consideration.  UCLA accepts transfer credits, but not grades. It is therefore unlikely that a transfer student can meet Coif's 75 percent rule and qualify for Order of the Coif. 


The Records Office will issue an official transcript to a student at the student's request. Prospective employers may also obtain an official transcript from the Records Office if they have secured a written waiver from the student. Official transcripts will be on tamper-proof security paper and copies will be indicated as such. To ensure that a transcript is official, prospective employers should make a photocopy of it. If the word "Void" does not appear repeatedly on the photocopy in a background pattern, the transcript is not an official copy. We suggest that prospective employers obtain an official transcript from the student or secure a written waiver to obtain an official transcript from the Records Office prior to extending an offer.