The UCLA clinical faculty is well-known both for innovative scholarship and excellence in teaching.
Many members of the clinical faculty have received the university's prestigious and highly competitive distinguished teaching awards. Clinical subjects routinely receive the highest teaching evaluations from students. Faculty who teach in the Clinical Program include:




Ingrid Eagly ​
Susan Gillig 
Carole Goldberg 
Patrick Goodman
Sean Hecht
John F. Hilson
Cara Horowitz
Guy Iverson
Kristen Jackson
Victor Jih
Irene Joe


Kenneth Klee​ ​
Russell Korobkin
Charles Lifland
Jason Light
Judy London
Kerry Lyon-Grossman
Tom Muller
Timothy Malloy
Albert Moore 
Forrest S. Mosten
Sanjukta Paul

Joanna Schwartz
Dawn Sestito
Sabrina Strong
Richard H. Steinberg
Laurie Taylor
Anthony Tolbert
Brandon Weiss​