International Clinical Conference Series

The clinical program conducts a series of international conferences designed to advance the content and goals of clinical legal education and scholarship. Four of the conferences have been held at the beautiful  UCLA Conference Center at Lake Arrowhead,California, while the other was held in the United Kingdom.


The two most recent international clinical conference programs are below: 

The Seventh International Clinical Conference - Fall 2010

The Sixth International Clinical Conference - Fall 2005 


The Pedagogy of Interviewing and Counseling Conference Series

Building on themes established at the first Pedagogy of Interviewing and Counseling conference, UCLA & BYU hosted a second conference in the fall of 2009. This conference continued to explore ways to increase the effectiveness of teaching interviewing and counseling. Through a series of interactive panels, demonstrations and small group discussions, participants considered specific methods to help students better learn and retain the interviewing skills taught in clinics, first and second year introductory skills courses and simulation courses when they enter practice. 


In the fall of 2006, the UCLA School of Law and the Brigham Young University Law School sponsored a conference that focused exclusively on teaching interviewing and counseling. The conference addressed fundamental questions about what topics are essential when teaching students to interview and counsel clients; the particular challenges of different settings for training students such as the live client clinic or a simulation based course; and the efficacy of alternative pedagogical approaches.

The Pedagogy of Interviewing and Counseling: Models, Techniques and Technology - October 2006