Students in their second and third years may apply to do a part-time externship with a judge, a government agency, a non-profit organization or with in-house corporate counsel. A student may take more than one part-time externship, but may receive a cumulative total of no more than eight units of P/U/NC credit for satisfactory completion of all part-time externships.  A student may take only one part-time externship during a semester.  A student may not receive any monetary or other compensation for services performed during a part-time externship. No externships at private law firms are permitted. A student who takes a part-time externship will NOT be eligible for a full-time externship. A student who has taken a full-time externship is NOT eligible for a part-time externship.

Goals of Part-Time Externships

Part-time externships are intended to allow students to expand upon substantive or clinical course work that the student is contemporaneously undertaking, or which the student has previously completed, at UCLA Law School and to take advantage of unique opportunities for professional development.  Part-time externships are not intended to allow students to perform legal work similar to that which students routinely perform in part-time employment while in law school.

Standards for Approval of Part-Time Externships

An application for a part-time externship may be approved if it demonstrates a reasonable probability that the externship will provide a meaningful educational experience for the student and that educational experience could not reasonably be achieved, or have been achieved, by the student through enrollment in a law school course or clinic.​​​​