The Interviewing & Counseling Clinic trains students in basic interviewing and counseling skills. Students meet twice a week in the classroom and are required to complete a weekly placement component at a community based legal service organization. In the classroom, students engage in role-plays and discussions that explore models of what lawyers should do when interviewing and counseling clients. Students learn how to develop case theory, assess the strength of evidence, develop a client counseling plan and work with witnesses. Students complete three lengthy simulated exercises out of class that are critiqued by an instructor.
The lawyering models are further explored through the field experience which consists of working an average of 8 hours each week at a community legal service organization of the students' choice. Students find the fieldwork component key to developing their skills over a range of client experiences. On the first day of class, representatives from various legal services offices describe the opportunities at their placements. However, students can work at other legal services offices in the Los Angeles area that do direct client service work and whose lawyers are willing to provide an appropriate level of supervision. Subject areas in the past have included landlord tenant disputes, immigration issues, general consumer problems, children’s rights, and family law matters.

 Student Testimonial


Assistant Dean for Academic & Clinical Programs Susan Gillig teaches the Interviewing and Counseling Course.

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