Each of the following UCLA School of Law faculty publications is available online by following the appropriate link. 

To review the complete bibliographies for UCLA's environmental law faculty members, please follow the link from the name of the faculty member, then click the "bibliography" link from the professor's faculty profile page.

Professor Ann Carlson

Iterative Federalism and Climate Change, 103 Nw. U. L. Rev. 1097 (2009).

Heat Waves, Global Warming, and Mitigation, 26 UCLA J. Envtl. L. & Pol. 169 (2008).
California Motor Vehicle Standards and Federalism: Lessons for the European Union, Institute of Governmental Studies Paper WP2008-4 (2008).
Classifying Social Norms, in The Jurisdynamics of Environmental Protection:  Change and the Pragmatic Voice in Environmental Law (edited by James Chen, Washington, DC: Environmental Law Institute, 2003).
Federalism, Preemption and Greenhouse Gas Emissions, 37 U.C. Davis Law Review 281-319 (2003).
Recycling Norms, 89 California Law Review 1231-1300 (2001).

Professor Sean Hecht

Limiting Liability in the Greenhouse: Insurance Risk-Management Strategies in the Context of Global Climate Change (with C. Ross and E. Mills), 43A Stanford Journal of International Law 251 (2007) and 26A Stanford Environmental Law Journal 251 (2007).

Professor Timothy Malloy

Pollution Prevention as a Regulatory Tool in California:  Breaking Barriers and Building Bridges (with Peter Sinsheimer), UCLA/Frankel Environmental Law Working Paper No.1 (October, 2001).

Professor Kal Raustiala

Nonstate Actors in the Global Climate Regime (with Natalie Bridgeman), in International Relations of Global Climate Change (edited by Urs Luterbacher and Detlef F. Sprinz, MIT Press 2d ed. forthcoming) .
Toward a Post-Kyoto Climate Change Architecture: a Political Analysis (with Robert Keohane), Discussion Paper 2008-01, Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard Project on International Climate Agreements, July 2008.
The Regime Complex for Plant Genetic Resources (with David Victor), 58 International Organization 277-310 (2004).
International Law, International Relations, and Compliance (with Anne-Marie Slaughter), in The Handbook of International Relations (edited by Walter Carlnaes, Thomas Risse and Beth Simmons, Thousand Oaks, CA, London:  Sage Publications, Ltd., 2002).

Professor Jonathan Zasloff