Accessible Higher Education for Citizens of Native Nations

Course Offerings

TLCEE offers several different types of course work: on campus, on-line, and in-the-community courses. Working with many programs on the UCLA campus, TLCEE has developed an interdisciplinary program to provide resources for Native and non-Native students interested in learning more about American Indian Studies and other disciplines at UCLA.  As mentioned previously, TLCEE bridges our UCLA community with local, national, and international tribal communities to provide a diverse course offering for all prospective TLCEE students. These topics cover a wide range of interests, from language, to cultural resource management, to violence against Native women, to contemporary tribal governance structures.

Courses provided are offered in three distinct formats for our students so as to make education accessible for all and are listed as follows:

On-Campus Courses: Read More>

  • Classes held at the UCLA campus are open to UCLA-matriculated students, as well as UCLA Extension students depending on the class and with appropriate permissions. All these courses substantially contribute to the student’s broader understanding of contemporary Native responses to community challenges and provide a unique opportunity for students to engage directly with tribal community leaders, their personal stories, and the lessons which can only come from community members first- hand experience. 

On-line Courses:  Read More> 

  • UCLA Extension and TLCEE offer an On-line Tribal Learning Community. Geared toward working adults, these classes vary in duration and are designed to be flexible, for even the busiest schedules. Together, UCLA Extension and TLCEE have developed a program called, “Working in Contemporary Native Nations” which is aimed at giving the student gainful knowledge in understanding the complexities contemporary issues affecting our Native communities. When completed, a student can gain a verification of completion that certifies that the student has satisfactorily completed program coursework within the TLCEE online program. 

  • Scholarship Applications for Spring 2014  (Scholarship Spring Quarter, Due date extended to 4-5-14)

Community-Based Courses: Read More>

  • Tribal community members cannot always rely on access to computers and do not always have readily-available transportation​ to the UCLA campus. That is why TLCEE, through its Community-Based Courses, brings UCLA to the community through workshops, lecturers, and much more.

Each of these formats also differs depending on the course content and location. Please look through the TLCEE site and follow the hyperlinks for examples of TLCEE's array of classes.