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Faculty by Area of Expertise

Area of Expertise:

Administrative Law

Animal Welfare

Appellate Law & Practice

Child Dependency Law

Patrick D. Goodman (Adoption, Foster Care, Abuse & Neglect)

Chinese Law

Civil Litigation

Civil Rights/Anti-discrimination Laws

Client Counseling

Comparative Law

Contract Design

Cultural Property Law

Education Law

Federal Courts

Information & Privacy

International Law

Khaled M. Abou El Fadl (Islamic Law)
Asli Ü. Bâli (International Human Rights, Middle East)
Taimie L. Bryant (Japan Law)
Stephen Gardbaum (Comparative Constitutional Law, European Union Law, Comparative Law, International Human Rights)
Máximo Langer (International Criminal Law, Transitional Justice, Inter-American System of Human Rights)
Jon D. Michaels (National Security)
Hiroshi Motomura (Refugees and Asylum)
Neil W. Netanel (International Intellectual Property)
Edward A. Parson
Kal Raustiala (specializing Iraq, international trade law, treaties, foreign relations law, int. orgs.)
Richard H. Steinberg (International Human Rights, International Negotiation, GATT/WTO, Trade, Public International Law)
Lara Stemple (Human Rights)
Katherine Stone (Labor & Employment)
Alex Wang
Eric M. Zolt

Investment Funds

Law & Psychiatry

Peter L. Arenella (Mental Disability Issues)

Legal History

Richard L. Abel (History of the Legal Profession)
Khaled M. Abou El Fadl (History of Islamic Law)
Steven A. Bank (History of Taxation)
Stuart Banner (Legal History)
Laura E. Gómez (Race and Law; Social Movements)
Cheryl I. Harris (Race & Law)
Gerald López (History of Legal Education)
Jennifer L. Mnookin (Legal History; History of Evidence Law)
Kirk J. Stark (History of Taxation)
Adam Winkler (Constitutional History)
Stephen C. Yeazell (History of Civil Litigation)

Media Law

Peter L. Arenella (Interaction of Media with Criminal Law)
Daniel J. Bussel (Print Media and TV)
Eugene Volokh

Nonprofit Law

Prisons & Prison Law

Second Amendment

Eugene Volokh (Right to Bear Arms/Gun Control)
Adam Winkler (Right to Bear Arms/Gun Control )

Social Welfare Policy & Poverty

Tenant & Landlord Issues