Eli Salzberger

Visiting Professor
LL.B. Hebrew University, 1988
D.Phil Oxford University, 1993


Eli Salzberger is a Professor and the former Dean of Haifa University Faculty of Law. He also served as President of the European Association for Law and Economics. Professor Salzberger will be a Lawrence E. Irell Visiting Scholar at the UCLA School of Law for the Fall, 2012 semester, teaching “Legal Philosophy Meets the Israeli Legal System.”
Professor Salzberger has been a visiting professor at Princeton University, the University of Connecticut School of Law, and a number of European law schools including, among others, Humboldt, Hamburg, Utrecht, Torino, and Aix-Marseilles.  Professor Salzberger is a well regarded teacher and speaker who presented “The Israeli Supreme Court as the Guardian of Israeli Democracy” at a symposium at UCLA in April 2010.
Some of Professor Salzberger’s most recent publications include two books co-authored with Niva Elkin Koren: "Law, Economics and Cyberspace," Edward Elgar (2006), and "Economic Analysis of Intellectual Property in the Digital Age: The Limits of Analysis," Routledge (2012), as well as an edited volume on the Law and Economics of Innovation, Edward Elgar (2012), and numerous articles, including: “The Economic Analysis of the Public Domain,” in Bernt Hugenholtz (ed.), The Future of the Public Domain, Kluwer (2006), pp. 27-58; “Judicial Activism in Israel,” in Brice Dikson (ed.),  Judicial Activism in Common Law Supreme Courts, Oxford University Press (2008), pp. 217-271; and “Separation of Powers and the Roles of the Judiciary: A Theoretical Analysis Through an Israeli Perspective,” in Leny E. de Groot-van Leeuwen and Wannes Rombouts (eds.),  Separation of Powers in Theory and Practice, An International Perspective, Wolf Legal Publishers, Nijmegen the Netherlands (2010), pp. 11-47.