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Clyde S. Spillenger

Professor of Law

Clyde S. Spillenger A.B. Princeton, 1982
J.D. History, Yale, 1987
M. Phil. History, Yale, 1988
UCLA Law faculty since 1993
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Principles of Conflict of Laws. West (2010).

Articles and Chapters

Teaching Twombly and Iqbal: Elements Analysis and the Ghost of Charles Clark, 60 UCLA Law Review 1740 (2013).

Revenge of the Triple Negative: A Note on the Brandeis Brief in Muller v. Oregon, 22 Constitutional Commentary 5 (2005).

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Lifting the Veil: The Judicial Biographies of Alpheus T. Mason, 21 Reviews in American History 723-34 (1993).

Reading the Judicial Canon: Alexander Bickel and the Book of Brandeis, 79 Journal of American History 125-51 (1992).

"That's Not History": The Boundaries of Advocacy and Scholarship (with Jane E. Larson), 12 Public Historian 33-43 (1990).

Brief of 281 American Historians as Amici Curiae Supporting Appellees, 1 Women's Rights Law Reporter 163 (1989). Reprinted in 12 Public Historian 57-75 (1990).

Reproduction and Medical Interventionism: An Historical Comment, 13 Nova Law Review 385-81 (1989).

Early Election Projections, Restrictions on Exit Polling, and the First Amendment, 3 Yale Law & Policy Review 210-30 (1984).


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