Faculty Profiles

Ingrid Eagly

Ingrid V. Eagly

Professor of Law
Faculty Director, David J. Epstein Program in Public Interest and Policy
A.B. Princeton University, 1991
J.D. Harvard, 1995
UCLA Faculty Since 2008

Articles and Chapters

Family Detention: A Study of the Treatment of Detained Families by United States Immigration Courts (with Steven Shafer and Jana Whalley), 106 California Law Review (forthcoming 2018).
Criminal Justice in an Era of Mass Deportation: Reforms from California, 20 New Criminal Law Review 12 (2017). Full Text
Prosecuting Immigration in a Democracy, in Prosecutors and Democracy: A Cross-National Study (edited by Maximo Langer & David Alan Sklansky, Cambridge Univ. Press, forthcoming).
Immigrant Protective Policies in Criminal Justice, 95 Texas Law Review 245 (2016). Full Text
A National Study of Access to Counsel in Immigration Court (with Steven Shafer), 165 University of Pennsylvania Law Review 1 (2015). Full Text
Remote Adjudication in Immigration, 109 Northwestern University Law Review 933 (2015). Selected for inclusion in 21 Bender’s Immigration Bulletin 647 (Lexis-Nexis 2016). Full Text
Criminal Justice for Noncitizens: An Analysis of Variation in Local Enforcement, 88 NYU Law Review 1126 (2013). Full Text
Gideon's Migration, 122 Yale Law Journal 2282 (2013). Selected for inclusion in 34 Immigration & Nationality Law Review 237 (William S. Hein & Co., Inc. 2013). Full Text
Criminal Clinics in the Pursuit of Immigrant Rights: Lessons from the Loncheros, 2 UC Irvine Law Review 91 (2012). Full Text
Local Immigration Prosecution: A Study of Arizona Before SB 1070, 58 UCLA Law Review 1749 (2011). Full Text
Prosecuting Immigration, 104 Northwestern University Law Review 1281 (2010). Excerpted in Immigration and Citizenship: Process and Policy 948-51 (edited by T.A. Aleinkoff et al, Thomson West, 2010). Full Text
After Public Interest Law (with Scott L. Cummings), 100 Northwestern University Law Review 1251 (2006). Full Text
A Critical Reflection on Law and Organizing (with Scott L. Cummings), 48 UCLA Law Review 443 (2001). Excerpted in Social Justice: Professionals, Communities and Law (edited by Martha R. Mahoney et al., West, 2013) Full Text
Community Education: Creating a New Vision of Legal Services Practice, 4 Clinical Law Review 433 (1998). Full Text


Special Report, Access to Counsel in Immigration Court (with Steven Shafer), American Immigration Council (Sept. 2016). Full Text
Criminalizing the Sidewalk, UCLA Criminal Defense Clinic (2015). Full Text
Book Review, 15 Punishment & Society 560 (2013). Reviewing Governing Immigration Through Crime: A Reader, edited by Julie A. Dowling & Jonathan Xavier Inda (Stanford University Press, 2013). Full Text
Speeches and Addresses, Moderator, From Emma Lazarus to Arizona’s SB 1070: Can Progressives Meet New Challenges to Immigrants’ Rights?, 31 Chicana/o-Latina/o Law Review 47 (2012).
Roundtable Panelist, Federalism in Practice – National and Local Perspectives on States’ Use of Criminal Law to Regulate Undocumented or Unauthorized Migration, 12(2) Loyola Journal of Public Interest Law 375 (2011).
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Harriett Buhai Center for Family Law: An Innovative Approach to Pro Per Assistance, 3(3) Center for Families, Children and the Courts Update (2003).