Faculty Profiles

James Park

James Park

Professor of Law
B.A. Miami University, 1996
J.D. Yale, 2000
UCLA Faculty Since 2013

Articles and Chapters

Auditor Settlements of Securities Class Actions, 14 Journal of Empirical Legal Studies 169 (2017).
Delaware and Santa Fe, in Delaware’s Dominance in Corporate Law (Forthcoming, Cambridge University Press). Full Text
Reassessing the Distinction Between Corporate and Securities Law, 64 UCLA Law Review 116 (2017). Full Text
Bondholders and Securities Class Actions, 99 Minnesota Law Review 585 (2014). Full Text
Securities Class Actions and Bankrupt Companies, 111 Michigan Law Review 547 (2013). Full Text
Rules, Principles, and the Competition to Enforce the Securities Laws, 100 California Law Review 115 (2012). Full Text
Rule 10b-5 and the Rise of the Unjust Enrichment Principle, 60 Duke Law Journal 345 (2010). Full Text
Shareholder Compensation as Dividend, 108 Michigan Law Review 323 (2009). Full Text
Assessing the Materiality of Financial Misstatements, 34 Journal of Corporation Law 513 (2009). Reprinted in 42 Securities Law Review 406 (2010). Full Text
The Competing Paradigms of Securities Regulation, 57 Duke Law Journal 625 (2007). Reprinted in 50 Corporate Practice Commentator 723 (2008). Full Text
The Constitutional Tort Action as Individual Remedy, 38 Harvard Civil Rights-Civil Law Review 393 (2003).