Faculty Profiles

Joseph Doherty

Joseph W. Doherty

Director, Empirical Research Group
Adjunct Faculty
B.A. UCLA 1992
Ph.D. UCLA, 2006

Joseph W. Doherty is the Director of the Empirical Research Group (ERG) at the UCLA School of Law. He teaches Empirical Legal Studies: Theory & Methods and Empirical Legal Studies: Research & Composition. He is leading the new Center for Law and Public Policy, a collaboration between UCLA School of Law and the RAND Corporation. The Center has hosted two conferences -- Transparency in the Civil Justice System (November 2007) and Third Party Litigation and Claims Financing (June 2009). A book on transparency in civil justice is forthcoming. His current research includes a study of the enforcement of employment and housing discrimination law, co-authored with Gary Blasi under the umbrella of the UCLA-RAND Center. Doherty has a Ph.D. in Political Science from UCLA.

Doherty is an expert in quantitative research design and methods. Through ERG he works with the UCLA School of Law faculty to conceptualize, design and execute empirical research across a broad range of legal fields. He has advised or collaborated with scholars in studies that include bankruptcy, legal aid, administrative law, pollution prevention, tax policy, gay rights, the living wage, campaign finance disclosure and international criminal law. He has co-authored research on bankruptcy with Lynn LoPucki, on the living wage with Richard Sander, on negotiation strategy with Russell Korobkin, on international criminal law with Máximo Langer and Richard Steinberg, and on administrative law with Jody Freeman.  He has also published articles on voting behavior and campaign finance.

Doherty was the Project Director of the Campaign Disclosure Project (CDP) from 2002 to 2006. He created an online database of state-level campaign disclosure laws and developed an innovative method for measuring the usability of campaign finance disclosure web sites across states. Prior to coming to the law school he was a consultant with the opinion research firm Fairbank, Maslin, Maullin & Associates.