Faculty Profiles

Julie Cramer

Julie Cramer

Lecturer in Law
B.A. UCLA, 2000
J.D. UCLA, 2003
UCLA Faculty Since 2009

LAW 715 - Criminal Defense

This clinical course examines the role of the defense lawyer in the criminal justice process.  The class seminar, which meets twice each week, covers both substantive and technical aspects of criminal defense.  In terms of substantive law, the course includes topics such as bail, discovery, pretrial motions, plea bargaining, and sentencing. In terms of lawyering skills, the class provides opportunities, both through simulation and work on real cases, to develop skills such as client interviewing and counseling, case preparation, and cross examination.  Students work in teams representing clients in cooperation with pro bono attorneys, nonprofit organizations, and local defender offices.  A significant out-of-class time commitment is required.

This graded, six-unit clinical course is limited to a maximum of eight students.   Enrollment is by application.