Faculty Profiles

Jyoti Nanda

Jyoti Nanda

Binder Clinical Teaching Fellow
B.A. UC, Berkeley, 1995
J.D. Northwestern University, 2001
UCLA Faculty Since 2003

LAW 750 - Youth & Justice Clinic

Note:  Law 750 is a live client clinical course. An application is required for admission.  There are no prerequisites required for this clinic.  

By completion of this course, students will have a complete understanding of the inner workings of the Juvenile Justice System, both nationally and locally with a focus on issues impacting youth who interact with the criminal justice system.  Students will learn how to interview youth/child clients, spot legal issues, advocate within county agencies and how to highlight systematic problems and advocate for systemic reform. We will represent clients in partnership with attorneys in Los Angeles in one or more of the following areas: expulsion (County administrative hearings), mental health/health needs (probation advocacy) special education (IEP hearings), guardianship/adoption (agency filings), benefits for foster youth (county administrative hearings), expungement (interview and county filings) and statewide youth related legislation (research, bill writing & legislative advocacy).  In addition, students will meet stakeholders (youth, Judges, policymakers, Probation leaders and organizers) and complete a policy brief or similar tangible work product on a systemic issue and present it to an appropriate audience.