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Máximo Langer

Máximo Langer

Professor of Law
Director of the UCLA Transnational Program on Criminal Justice
LL.B. University of Buenos Aires Law School, 1995
S.J.D. Harvard, 2006
UCLA Faculty Since 2003

LAW 298 - International Criminal Law

In this course, we will study the evolution of international criminal law since Nuremberg. We will concentrate on studying the important developments in the field in the last twenty years, including the work of the International Criminal Tribunals for Rwanda and the former Yugoslavia, the International Criminal Court, transnational prosecutions such as the Pinochet case, and national human rights trials. The goal of the course is not only to provide an overview of the main doctrines of international criminal law and procedure (including the elements of international crimes such as the crime of aggression, crimes against humanity, genocide, torture, and war crimes, and the fundamentals of international criminal responsibility), but also to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the international, transnational and national approaches to deal with past mass human right violations. We will also pay attention to the international and political contexts that have led to the commission of international crimes in the past, and that also have determined the range of options available to deal with them.