Faculty Profiles

Rebecca Stone

Rebecca Stone

Assistant Professor of Law
B.A. University of Oxford, New College, 1999
M. Phil. University of Oxford, Nuffield College, 2001
D. Phil. University of Oxford, Nuffield College, 2004
J.D. New York University School of Law, 2009
UCLA Faculty Since 2013

Articles and Chapters

Desert and Inequity Aversion in Teams (with David Gill), Journal of Public Economics (forthcoming).
Rules and Rights (with Jonathan Quong), Oxford Studies in Political Philosophy: Vol. 1 (forthcoming).
Unconscionability, Exploitation, and Hypocrisy, 22 Journal of Political Philosophy 27 (2014). Full Text
Anticipated Regret as an Explanation of Ambiguity Aversion (with Daniel Krahmer), 52 Economic Theory 709 (2013). Full Text
Pricing Misperceptions: Explaining Pricing Structure in the Cell Phone Service Market (with Oren Bar-Gill), 9 Journal of Empirical Legal Studies 430 (2012). Full Text
Fairness and Desert in Tournaments (with David Gill), 69 Games and Economic Behavior 346 (2010). Full Text
Mobile Misperceptions (with Oren Bar-Gill), 23 Harvard Journal of Law & Technology 49 (2009). Full Text