Faculty Profiles

Seana Shiffrin

Seana Shiffrin

Professor of Philosophy
Pete Kameron Professor of Law and Social Justice
B.A. UC Berkeley, 1988
B. Phil. Oxford, 1990
D. Phil Oxford, 1993
J.D. Harvard, 1996
UCLA Faculty Since 1993

LAW 555 - Legal Theory Workshop

The Legal Theory Workshop brings leading scholars from around the world to discuss their works in progress with law students, graduate students in philosophy, and interested faculty.   All the papers will address legal issues from a theoretically informed perspective or theoretical issues relevant to the understanding of law.  This year's program includes a highly distinguished list of speakers whose work addresses tax law, distributive justice, torts, contracts, disabilities, criminal law and property. http://www.law.ucla.edu/centers/interdisciplinary-studies/law-and-philosophy-program/events/legal-theory-workshop/

The seminar will involve biweekly discussions with leading scholars, with intervening preparatory weeks for students to gain background in the relevant topic.  The course offers the opportunity for students to interact with prominent scholars, to help shape cutting-edge work, to hone their writing skills, to develop their own ideas through independent research, and to gain practice and feedback about the art of asking a good question. Students will be expected to attend  all sessions, participate regularly, write a handful of short reaction papers (1-2 pages) and complete a longer analytical paper involving little research (12-15 pages) at the end of the term about one of the subjects covered in class. Students who wish SAW credit may elect to write a somewhat longer paper.