Faculty Profiles

Sung Hui Kim

Sung Hui Kim

Professor of Law
Director of the Program on In-House Counsel, Lowell Milken Institute for Business Law and Policy
B.A. Emory University, 1988
M.A Emory University, 1988
J.D. Harvard, 1992
UCLA Faculty Since 2010

Articles and Chapters

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Pari Passu: The Nazi Gambit, 9 Capital Markets Law Journal 1 (2014). Full Text
Insider Trading as Private Corruption, 61 UCLA Law Review 928 (2014). Full Text
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The Last Temptation of Congress: Legislator Insider Trading and the Fiduciary Norm Against Corruption, 98 Cornell Law Review 845 (2013). Full Text
The Ethics of In-House Practice, in Lawyers in Practice: Ethical Decision Making in Context (edited by Lynn Mather & Leslie Levin, University of Chicago Press, 2012). Full Text
The Diversity Double Standard, 89 North Carolina Law Review 945 (2011). Full Text
Naked Self-Interest? Why the Legal Profession Resists Gatekeeping, 63 Florida Law Review 129 (2011). Full Text
Lawyer Exceptionalism in the Gatekeeping Wars, 63 SMU Law Review 73 (2010). Full Text
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The Banality of Fraud: Re-Situating the Inside Counsel as Gatekeeper, 74 Fordham Law Review 983 (2005). Full Text
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Book Review, The Business Law Guide to Switzerland, 33 Harvard International Law Journal 655 (1992).