Support the change of tomorrow by giving to research today.

When you designate your financial gift to UCLA Law research, you are doing more than supporting the abstract ideas of a legal think tank. You are enabling these ideas to take root in the next generation of students – and these students are a powerful force for change.  

Through your generosity, we can attract and maintain a faculty of leaders who create a synergy between research and student training. Whether it’s environmental law, constitutional law, critical race studies, intellectual property law or a host of other subject areas, our roster of talented professors and researchers repeatedly break new ground in legal scholarship and change the discourse surrounding many societal issues. In fact, UCLA Law’s recent scholarship has been ranked the fourth most influential in the country, with our faculty authoring some of the most-cited articles in a range of fields.

At the same time, our professors recognize the importance of broadening the school’s teaching environment through student involvement in our nationally recognized programs and centers. That’s why faculty actively seek out students to assist in cutting-edge research projects that are published in premier academic journals and law reviews.

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