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At UCLA Law, we embrace change – and that includes dynamic shifts in teaching to support our innovative curriculum. Gone are the blackboards and chalk of the past, replaced by digital technologies that address different learning styles and encourage multiple modes of instruction. This is a new terrain of learning in our classrooms, clinics and library.

Since classrooms serve as the nucleus of teaching at UCLA Law, we continually reconfigure them to accommodate new instructional techniques, whether it’s downloading content from the Internet or a class simulation of case arguments. Within our renowned clinics, there is an acute need for more space as we embark on ambitious plans to expand our hands-on, skills-based training. And for the library to remain relevant in the coming decades, it must continue to be a technologically advanced sanctuary for study and collaborative learning, as well as a vibrant meeting place for student-run organizations.

Our students have grown up in a digital world. With your partnership, we can be ready to meet the needs of the next generation.

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