Clinical Space

Carry on a proud heritage of pioneering clinical education.

Since the early 1970s, UCLA Law has been at the forefront of clinical education, providing students with real-world and experiential application of the theory they learn in the classroom. From mediating a mock divorce settlement to interviewing actual clients in a courtroom setting, our clinics are highly rated and intensely sought after by students.

In recent years, there has been a widespread and increasingly insistent call within the legal community to view clinical training as an integral part of the curriculum rather than a collection of electives. Our response to this demand is an effort to provide all incoming students with foundational and capstone clinics that will meet their career needs. This commitment to high-quality skills training is a costly undertaking as it requires an expansion of clinic space; a buildup in teaching resources; and a network of administrative assistance in the planning, implementation and maintenance of the entire endeavor. Success can be achieved only through your generosity and a shared vision for superlative learning at UCLA Law.

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