Class of 2016 Gift Committee

Please feel free to email any of us with questions or if you'd like to learn more about joining the committee.

Team Section 1 & 2

Erika Schulz – Chair

Zina Badri

Emily Byl

Jenny Johnson

Geneva Thompson

Team Section 3 & 4

Rica Garcia – Chair

Amanda Hassid

Erica Kim

Christine Parker

Iricel Payano

Jonny Rafaelof

Sam Sadeghi

Team Section 5 & 6

Nisha Parekh – Chair

Team Section 7 & 8

Sara Zerehi – Chair

Conor Bell

Connor Kampff

Jeremy Page

Alex Ruiz

Mike Schwartz

Team Transfers

Nick Behrman – Chair

Christina Cila

Liz Cully

Oscar Figueroa

Office Of External
Affairs & Development

Contact Information


Box 951476
Los Angeles, CA


A105 Law Building
Los Angeles, CA

(310) 206-1121
(310) 825-4404 FAX