UCLA Law Annual Fund

The UCLA Law Annual Fund gives us the flexibility to meet short-term critical needs that arise unexpectedly during the academic year. With these unrestricted funds, we can uphold exceptionally high standards in all areas of our program.

Six funding priorities exist within the Annual Fund and your gift can be used to support the area you care about the most.

Dean's Discretionary Fund

Focuses on the dean’s priorities in a current academic year. Examples include the retention of a faculty member, technology upgrades, unforeseen building maintenance and hosting distinguished guests.

Student Financial Aid Fund

Supports scholarships that are given to incoming students as well as those who have achieved academic excellence.

Faculty Research Fund

Allows faculty members to receive additional resources for research purposes, to present findings at conferences, and to address any expenses that fall outside of our anticipated budget.

Hugh and Hazel Darling Law Library Fund

Enables the library to acquire legal materials and books, retain the existing collection and continue research efforts.

Public Interest Support Fund

Sustains public interest initiatives within the law school by assisting with programs and activities in this area, including the Summer Public Interest Fellowship Program.

Student Organizations and Journals Fund

Provides supplemental financial resources to nearly 50 student organizations and 12 student-edited journals for such needs as coordinating symposia, attending conferences and competitions, and meeting other ongoing expenses.

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