Law Library Main EntranceIn order to ensure that the Hugh & Hazel Darling Law Library facilities and services are fully available to the UCLA Law School community, the Law Library observes a very limited access policy which is fully enforced at all times that the Library is open (details below). Identification will be checked at the Library entrance and you will be asked to sign in at the guard desk. In addition, visitors to the Library are expected to abide by the Law Library Use Policy. Visitors to UCLA should also be aware of the U.C. Regulations Governing Conduct of Non-Affiliates in the Buildings and on the Grounds of the University of California. Questions about the access policy may be directed to


Information about alternative legal resources can be found in our brochure, "Legal Resources for the Public."

Hugh & Hazel Darling Law Library Policy and Procedure
on Access to the Law Library Facility

Limited Access Policy (PDF Version)


The primary responsibility of the Law Library is to support the teaching and research functions of the UCLA School of Law and other University of California (UC) researchers who need to use legal materials; therefore, access to the UCLA Law Library is restricted. All users must present official photo identification to verify their user status. Upon entering, all Limited Access Users must receive a Daily Access Ticket. These Daily Access Tickets are limited in number and will be issued on a first-come, first-served basis.

Note to UCLA faculty teaching or supervising UCLA students who need on-going access to the Law Library’s materials for research or assignments: read our "Exemption Handout" for information about obtaining a temporary exemption to this policy for these students.


Unlimited Access User: UCLA law students; UC faculty and staff; UC law school alumni; members in good standing of a state bar association; members of the judiciary and their staff; students from U.S. law schools (but not online schools) located outside of Los Angeles County; faculty of other institutions of higher education in California.

Limited Access User: UCLA non-law students; non-law students from other UC campuses; depository users.


  1. Only Authorized Users shall have access to the UCLA Law Library.

  2. Access to the Law Library for Limited Access Users is limited to a small number of users per day. Access to the Library does not include access to areas designated for the exclusive use of UCLA Law Students, Faculty, and Staff, such as the Tower Reading Room, Conference Rooms, and the After Hours Reading Room.

  3. To access the Law Library during Law School final exam periods, all Limited Access Users must demonstrate to the Circulation Desk staff member on duty an immediate need to use Law Library print materials that are not available in other UCLA libraries. Upon demonstration of such need, a special access pass may be issued at the discretion of the Circulation Desk staff member on duty. (Users should ask at the Circulation Desk about specific dates and requirements for access.)

  4. All users must present photo identification each time they enter the Library and non-UCLA Law users will be required to sign in and identify their institutional affiliation. Limited Access Users will be issued Daily Access Tickets that must be kept visible at all times. Ticket holders must abide by all Library policies. Any ticket holder who is found in an area reserved for UCLA Law students, faculty or staff, who is found violating any other Library policy, or who is disruptive in any way, will have his/her ticket revoked and must leave the Library immediately.

  5. Tickets are issued on a daily basis to an individual and are not transferrable. Individual tickets may be canceled by a Law Library Supervisor whenever necessary to ensure useful access to the facility for Unlimited Access Users. Ticket holders exiting the Library should be prepared to present the Daily Access Ticket upon re-entering the Library. When leaving for the day, please return all Daily Access Tickets to the checkpoint so that they may be reissued.

  6. The Library is not open to the general public except that members of the general public may have access to United States government documents acquired by the Law Library through its membership in the Federal Depository Library Program. Please note that the Law Library receives only a very small portion of federal depository materials. Access to the federal depository documents is available to the public; however, because of our limited selection of depository materials and/or staffing availability, we cannot guarantee access to the needed materials unless prior arrangements have been made. Please visit the "Access to Government Documents" for more information about our government documents policy and instructions for making prior arrangements for access to our federal depository materials.

  7. Students from non-U.S. law schools (not online) are permitted to access the Law Library only 20 days per year. Those seeking access for longer periods or seeking a letter of invitation must apply to the Visiting Researchers Program.
  1. Unlimited Access Users

    Unlimited Access Users shall have access to the Law Library upon presentation of the required identification:
UCLA law students Current Library wallet or BruinCard
Other UC law school students (Davis, Berkeley, Hastings, Irvine) Current student photo ID from home campus
All UCLA faculty and staff Current BruinCard
​UC Law School Alumni ​UC Law Alumni Card or state bar card and official photo ID (UCLA Law Alumni: If you have neither, please contact the UCLA Alumni relations office for access).
​Other UC faculty and staff ​Current official photo ID from home campus
Members of the Bar in good standing Current state bar membership card and official photo ID
Members of the Judiciary and their staff Current court ID card and official photo ID
Faculty of other institutions of higher education in California Current official photo ID from home campus
​Current U.S. law school faculty ​Current official photo ID from home campus
​Law students from U.S. law schools located outside L.A. County (excluding online schools) ​Current student photo ID
  1. Limited Access Users

    Limited Access Users must have a Daily Access Ticket to enter the Library. If all tickets have been distributed, users may request a special access pass to be issued by a Circulation Desk staff member based on a demonstrated, immediate need to use Law Library print materials that are not available in other UCLA libraries. Limited Access Users must present the following required identification:
UCLA students Current BruinCard
Other UC students Current Student photo ID from home campus
Federal Depository Users
​(Visit the "Access to Government Documents" for more information about access to our federal depository materials)
​Current government-issued photo ID

Access may be granted to law students from schools within Los Angeles County and from online law schools only if prior arrangements are made through the UCLA Law Library Administration by the administration of their home institution's library.