US Government Depository SealGeneral Information

Access to the Federal Depository Collection by the general public is an exception to the Law Library’s Access Policy. This exception is made in order to provide access to government information.  Access to the Federal Depository Collection entitles members of the public to use those publications received through the Federal Depository Library Program only; it does not entitle the visitor to use the Law Library’s general collections, services, or physical space. Once the user has completed his/her use of the federal depository documents, he/she is required to leave the Law Library promptly.

Application for Access to the Federal Depository Collection

Advance reservations are recommended for members of the public to ensure access to the Federal Depository Collection. Users can request reservation sessions by submitting the online request form or by calling (310) 825-3166. Phone requests should include the following information: your name, contact information (phone number or email address), and a description of the federal depository materials you are requesting to access.  Alternatively, if users are unable to submit the form electronically, they should send an email to with the information described above.

Requestors will receive a response within two business days. Federal Depository users with an immediate need may contact the library at (310) 825-3166 for assistance and will be accommodated as staff is available.   

Procedures for Use of Depository Collection

  1. Check in with the guard at the Library’s entrance at the appointed time. Visitors must present a government issued photo ID.
  2. The guard will escort the visitor to the Reference Reading Room where the requested document will be paged. The visitor will be required to work in the Reference Reading Room for the duration of the appointment.
  3. Upon completion of the use of the federal depository documents, the visitor will be required to leave the Law Library promptly.