Description/Overview and Course Requirements

The Business Law and Policy Specialization is designed for UCLA School of Law students who wish to focus their schooling in a particular area of business law and ultimately earn a certificate of completion with their J.D.

Business Law Specialization Information Session for 1Ls​ will be held on Thursday, April 17, 2014 from 12:15 pm to 1:30 pm in Room 1420. Interested students can RSVP here​.

Students in the Business Law and Policy Specialization may choose from among approximately 70 courses and seminars within five tracks: Business Law, Bankruptcy, Mergers and Acquisitions, Securities Regulation and Taxation.

The five tracks are designed to provide additional guidance to students in course selection, as well as highlight the specialization's curricular strengths.

Business law materials are integrated to varying degrees in the law school’s first-year curriculum, typically in property, contracts and torts. The second- and third-year curriculum in the specialization includes courses covering a wide variety of legal and business issues, ranging from regulation of markets to the design of business transactions.

All the tracks in the specialization consist of eight or nine upper division courses:

• The same set of four foundational courses:

220. Introduction to Federal Income Taxation
230. Business Associations
234. Accounting for Lawyers (for students without an accounting background)
358. Financial Analysis (may be waived by Financial Analysis Placement Test)

• Four courses from among a group of courses specific to the track (Groups A and B)
• At least one clinical transactional course, which offers intensive hands-on exposure to a field of practice

For specific information on each track’s requirements, see the links below: 

Requirements for Each Track

Specialization Requirements - General Information
Business Law Track Requirements
Bankruptcy Track Requirements
Mergers and Acquisitions Track Requirements
Securities Regulation Track Requirements
Taxation Track Requirements

Admissions and Program Information

Admission/Certification/Enrollment Preferences
Application for Business Law Specialization​
Financial Analysis Placement Test
Waiver Request Form
Streaming Video of Information Session for 1Ls, held April 22, 2013
Business Law and Policy Specialization Faculty

How to Apply 

Any student in good standing may apply to be admitted into the specialization prior to registration for the second-year fall semester courses. A student who has completed, in sequence, the required courses may, for good cause, petition for late acceptance into the specialization.  

Applications are available online and in the Records Office in Room 1224 of the law school.