Criminal Justice Courses & Clinics

Criminal Justice Courses

Course # Course Name Faculty
LAW 120 Criminal Law I Beth A. Colgan / David Dolinko / Sharon Dolovich / Laura E. Gómez / Mark Greenberg / Máximo Langer / Laurie Levenson / Jyoti Nanda / Sherod Thaxton / Eugene Volokh
LAW 202 Constitutional Criminal Procedure Peter L. Arenella / Devon W. Carbado / Jennifer M. Chacón / Beth A. Colgan / David Dolinko / Kevin Lapp / Laurie Levenson / Richard M. Re
LAW 211 Evidence Paul Bergman / Ingrid V. Eagly / Laurie Levenson / Jennifer L. Mnookin / Peter L. Reich / Eileen A. Scallen / Pavel Wonsowicz
LAW 212 Federal Courts Richard M. Re / Jonathan D. Varat
LAW 232 Cybersecurity Law and Policy Stuart Biegel / Kristen Eichensehr
LAW 295 Adjudicative Criminal Procedure: Bail to Jail Peter L. Arenella / Sherod Thaxton
LAW 298 International and Transnational Criminal Law Máximo Langer
LAW 299 Federal Criminal Law Norman Abrams / Sherod Thaxton
LAW 313 Conflict of Laws Clyde S. Spillenger
LAW 331 Immigration Law Ingrid V. Eagly / Hiroshi Motomura
LAW 369 Anti-Terrorism and Criminal Enforcement Norman Abrams
LAW 389 Prison Law and Policy Sharon Dolovich
LAW 429 Capital Punishment in America Sherod Thaxton
LAW 551 Philosophy of Punishment David Dolinko
LAW 558 Political Crimes and Legal Systems Khaled M. Abou El Fadl
LAW 607 Digital Surveillance and the 4th Amendment Richard M. Re
LAW 613 The Criminal (in) Justice System Peter L. Arenella / Frances Elisabeth Olsen
LAW 614 Global Perspectives on Criminal Procedure Máximo Langer
LAW 629 Topics in Post-Conviction Law & Policy Sharon Dolovich
LAW 657 Contemporary Issues Facing the International Criminal Court Richard H. Steinberg
LAW 668 The 8th Amendment Punishments Clause Sharon Dolovich
LAW 669 Law and Psychology: Wrongful Convictions Barbara A. Spellman
LAW 678 Comparative Counterterrorism Law and Policy Eileen M. Decker
LAW 690 Race, Social Psychology, and the Legal Process David Simson
LAW 697 Gun Control Adam Winkler
LAW 916 Re-entry, Work and Race Noah D. Zatz
LAW 925 Heroes and Villains: The Lawyer's Narrative in Fact and Fiction Jonathan Shapiro
LAW 942 Language in the Law Dieter Stein