Gender Studies Student Orgs / Journals

  • Each year, scholars, lawyers, judges, and law students throughout the United States publish hundreds of law review articles concerning various aspects of sexual orientation and gender identity law. The Williams Institute and the students at UCLA School of Law who staff the journal initiated the Dukeminier Awards to acknowledge and distribute the best of these articles.

    The goals of the journal and its awards are to encourage scholars to begin or continue writing about sexual orientation and gender identity law and public policy; provide valuable recognition and support for scholars, law students, and lawyers who write in this area; and provide easy access to each year’s best scholarly materials for those outside of legal academia, including lawyers, judges, other legal actors, and policy makers. Those who receive the Dukeminier Award will have their article republished in the Dukeminier Awards Journal.

    The Dukeminier Awards Journal is edited in partnership with the Williams Institute and staffed by students at UCLA School of Law. Staff recruitment of first-year students begins in the spring. Interested 1Ls may reach out to with any questions.

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  • The purpose of If/When/How: Law Students for Reproductive Justice shall be to provide students at the UCLA School of Law with a community that promotes and a forum for the discussion of reproductive justice.

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  • Our mission is to bring awareness to issues and challenges facing female law students and lawyers, and to prepare law students to meet these challenges.

    Law Women of UCLA aims to support students, particularly women, in successfully launching and cultivating their legal careers. Law Women seeks to provide community, social events, professional mentoring and networking, and substantive discussions about the issues that women in the law face.

    Law Women of UCLA focuses on the needs of women at UCLA Law and female lawyers in Los Angeles.

    Law Women is a Ms. JD National Women Law Students Organization affiliate.

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  • OUTLaw is established for the express purposes of: providing a social network for gender, sexual, and romantic minorities (GSRM) and their allies at UCLA School of Law; organizing career, education, and academic oriented events for the benefit of GSRM law students at UCLA;​ encouraging GSRM prospective students to pursue a course of study at UCLA School of Law; ensuring the visibility of GSRM law students at UCLA; and generally promoting the interests of GSRM law students at UCLA.

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  • Our mission is to create safe and healing spaces where survivors of sexual and gender-based trauma can find community and support on the law school campus; to help end stigma against survivors of sexual and gender-based trauma in our law school community, in the legal profession, in our greater community, and in the world at large; to promote awareness of the effects of sexual trauma on human beings and the ways that sexual and gender-based trauma interacts with other forms of trauma and interacts with people’s diverse identities to create unique harms and challenges; to advocate for accommodations and cultural shifts on behalf of survivors of sexual and gender-based trauma based on their needs and preferences; and to do anything else that we can to help create a safer world where people’s boundaries are respected and survivors of sexual trauma are able to thrive.

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  • The UCLA Women's Law Journal is an academic legal journal that uses the power of language to educate people and make women's voices heard. We seek to do so by focusing not only on the common struggles of women, but also on diversity as a strength in feminist legal scholarship. Through diversity, we seek to represent the reality of all women's lives and experiences, without separating voices into exclusionary categories.

    The WLJ was one of the first journals in the country to address issues of gender, race and sexual orientation. The Journal remains one of the top journals in the field, with hundreds of subscribers around the world.

    The WLJ is an entirely student-run law journal. We publish works by professors, practitioners and students from around the world, who represent all sides of the legal, political, religious and cultural spectrum. The Journal is published twice a year and is available on Lexis and Westlaw.

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  • We are dedicated to creating a safe space and a community within the UCLA School of Law where the unique experiences, opinions, challenges and successes of womyn and womyn of color are shared, discussed and developed. We are a collective of individuals who identify as womyn, womyn of color or allies. We are open to all people ready to engage in an open and honest dialogue about race, gender and the law. Our mission is to promote the empowerment, inspiration, and personal and professional development of womyn and people of color in the legal field.​

    We begin from the perspective that the institution of law does not understand, acknowledge or make room for the experiences, opinions and world views of womyn and people of color. The institution of law further actively defines what it means to be a womyn and a person of color in a way that does violence to those identities. We seek to re-frame what it means to be a womyn and a person of color both from within and outside of the law. We begin from the perspective that the UCLA School of Law, as an institution reflective of the greater legal field, fails to create an environment where the political and social identities of womyn and people of color are acknowledged, appreciated or encouraged. We seek to create that environment.

    *We spell "womyn" with a "y" as opposed to the common way of spelling it with an "a" ("woman") because we want to assert ourselves and our views as womyn, consciously rejecting the patriarchal norms that permeate the legal field and society in general.

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