International Law Courses & Clinics

International Law Courses

Course # Course Name Faculty
LAW 224 International Taxation Eric M. Zolt
LAW 232 Cybersecurity Law and Policy Stuart Biegel / Kristen Eichensehr
LAW 259 International Commercial Arbitration Jeffrey Dasteel
LAW 269 National Security Law Jon D. Michaels
LAW 270 Public International Law Asli Ü. Bâli / Kal Raustiala
LAW 271 International Business Transactions Richard H. Steinberg
LAW 272 International Trade Law Tomer Broude / Richard H. Steinberg
LAW 277 Comparative Constitutional Law Stephen Gardbaum
LAW 278 Comparative Law Stephen Gardbaum / Guy Scoffoni
LAW 298 International Criminal Law Máximo Langer
LAW 304 International Intellectual Property David Huebner / Neil W. Netanel
LAW 335 Religious Legal Systems: Jewish Law Khaled M. Abou El Fadl
LAW 338 Islamic Jurisprudence Khaled M. Abou El Fadl
LAW 348 European Union Law Stephen Gardbaum / Guy Scoffoni
LAW 367 Law and Terrorism Khaled M. Abou El Fadl
LAW 370 International Finance Patrick Del Duca
LAW 383 Political Asylum and Refugee Law Khaled M. Abou El Fadl
LAW 436 International Migration Hiroshi Motomura
LAW 438 International Environmental Law and Policy Edward A. Parson
LAW 443 Comparative Environmental Law Alex Wang
LAW 517 Taxation and Development Eric M. Zolt
LAW 523 Health and Human Rights Colloquium Lara Stemple
LAW 549 Introduction to Islamic Law Khaled M. Abou El Fadl
LAW 558 Political Crimes and Legal Systems Khaled M. Abou El Fadl
LAW 566 Laws of War & the War(s) on Terror Asli Ü. Bâli
LAW 614 Global Perspectives on Criminal Procedure Máximo Langer
LAW 616 Theories of International Law Kal Raustiala / Richard H. Steinberg
LAW 636 Current Issues in Chinese Law Alex Wang
LAW 637 Good (Native) Governance Angela R. Riley
LAW 639 Political Asylum Khaled M. Abou El Fadl
LAW 931 Constitutional Problems of the US-Mexico Border Manuel Gonzalez-Oropeza