LAW 743

Corporate Practice Clinic

Business & Tax Law

The Corporate Practice Clinic provides students an opportunity to work on a law assignment provided by a local company under the supervision of the instructor. The assignments will require the students, working in teams of two and three, to prepare a written work product and an oral presentation to the corporate client.  Further, the Clinic will train students in basic substantive legal issues concerning the corporate attorney-client privilege and confidentiality, and the Clinic will focus on the skills of preparing written and oral communications for a very sophisticated audience -- in-house lawyers and business executives. The Clinic will introduce students to some of the issues concerning the culture of an in-house department and the role of the general counsel as well as the relationship between in-house and outside counsel. In addition, each student will be required to prepare a short paper on a topic assigned by the instructor (concerning legal problems faced by in-house lawyers) and then make an oral presentation to the class about problem and the legal student's legal advice to address and recommendation on how to resolve the problem. This course is only open to 3Ls and LLMs.Course Learning Outcomes:The primary goal of the Corporate Practice Clinic is to assist students in making the large jump from being a law student to becoming a lawyer to a corporate client. This includes:

  • How to communicate appropriately in writing to a business client.
  • How to understand the client and its business.
  • How to dig deeply for answers to complex legal issues.
  • How to collaborate efficiently and effectively.
  • How to develop written work product that is useful to a business client.
  • How to make an oral presentation that is useful to a business client.
A secondary goal is to understand the role of in-house counsel in a business. This includes:
  • How are in-house departments structured and organized?
  • How can in-house lawyers make themselves valuable to the company?
  • What are some of the ethical issues faced by in-house lawyers?
  • What is the relationship between an in-house lawyer and an outside lawyer?

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