Course Description

LAW 612 - Reproduction, Medical Ethics, and the Law

In this seminar, we will explore issues in medical ethics and law that are nearly always in the headlines and fall under the broad umbrella of "reproduction."  We will examine how the institutions of law and medicine—as well as society itself—have sought to approach and resolve conflicts relating to (among other topics) forced sterilization, $50,000 oocytes, embryos and divorce, access to assisted reproductive technology, abortion, civil liberties during pregnancy, birth in America, and parenthood.  Course materials include: cases; articles from newspapers, magazines, medical journals, and law reviews; excerpts from books and casebooks; and films and television news broadcasts.  Course requirements are as follows: (1) consistent and meaningful participation in class discussions, and (2) a choice of writing projects—three short "thought" papers, two 5-7 page "thought" papers and a book review, OR a research paper at the level of a law review Note.  That research paper may be used to fulfill the SAW requirement, if the student wishes and the SAW requirements are met.  Because there is no need to take notes in this seminar, use of computers or other technology during class is not permitted.  Enrollment is limited to 12, and preference is given to 3Ls. 

Course Information:

Faculty Term Course Section Schedule Units Requisite Satisfies SAW
Julie Cantor 16F 612 SEM 1 T 10:35 AM - 12:35 PM 3.0 No Per instructor's discretion
Family Law; Health Care & The Law; Interdisciplinary Courses, & Cross-Listed Courses; Substantial Analytical Writing Requirement; Critical Race Studies;