LAW 155

Lawyer-Client Relationship

This course is the first year students’ foundational clinical course, focusing on the essential aspects of the lawyer-client relationship.  Students will be trained through the clinical method on fundamental topics such as client interviewing, cross-cultural competency, and confidentiality obligations that arise from the formation of the lawyer-client relationship.  The course is designed so that students first engage in simulations in the classroom setting, with opportunities to practice developing skills and receive feedback, before heading into the field for supervised live-client experience.  This approach enables students to receive proper training and to develop confidence and competence before participating in pro bono activities.

The classroom component of the course, consisting of both large group instruction and small group breakout sessions, will take place primarily over the first month of the school year.  Students will then volunteer at various legal placement offices throughout Los Angeles in order to practice the skills they started developing in the classroom.  At the end of the semester, students will return to the classroom to reflect upon their field experiences.

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