LAW 160

Lawyering in the Real World

There are many types of careers in law -- this class will introduce you to a range of those options.  It will delve beyond what lawyers in different practice areas “do” and will also explore how different career choices affect lawyers’ emotional, financial, intellectual, and spiritual lives.  Most of the class meetings will feature in-depth interviews conducted by Professor Volokh and other UCLA Law faculty with mid-career alumni who have deep experience in various practice areas (including large firm litigation and transactional practice, small firm practice, legal services, criminal law, government civil practice, and practice in specialized substantive areas).  The class will meet for two hours seven times during the first part of the Fall Semester.  Readings for each class will focus on both the practice of law and the theory of lawyering.  The course will be graded pass/fail.  Assessment will be based on multiple choice quizzes on each set of readings.

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