The UCLA School of Law is pleased to announce the launch of our new Master of Legal Studies (M.L.S.) degree program.  We are excited to be seeking applicants for our inaugural class, which will matriculate in August 2020.

The M.L.S. program is designed for professionals from disciplines outside of the law who wish to advance their careers and capabilities by obtaining an advanced degree and a deep understanding of the legal and regulatory issues that impact their industry or field of interest. It is ideal for non-lawyer professionals in any field – from the private, nonprofit or government sectors – who need to understand and navigate law, regulation, disputes or attorneys.

UCLA Law's M.L.S. course of study provides intensive, graduate-level training for leaders in fields close to law such as contracting, compliance and human resources, as well as for those who will benefit from learning how to "think like a lawyer" more broadly, including entrepreneurs, executives, professional services providers, community leaders, journalists and scholars specializing in adjacent fields. The M.L.S. degree does not qualify its recipients to sit for a state bar examination or become licensed to practice law.

Our innovative curriculum begins with five core courses designed by top UCLA Law faculty members specifically for M.L.S. students. These courses provide a foundational understanding of the complex role of law and legal thinking in the modern economy. M.L.S. students then choose elective courses from among the more than 300 courses in the J.D. curriculum, studying alongside J.D. and LL.M. students. M.L.S. students can earn specializations in eight areas of law or create their own specialized curriculum.

M.L.S. students may earn their degrees in one year of fullā€time study or in two-to-four years of part-time study while continuing to work in their profession.

To celebrate the launch of the UCLA Law M.L.S. program, significant scholarship assistance is available to members of our inaugural class. All successful applicants will be automatically considered for a scholarship, based on academic and professional merit and financial need.  Apply now.