Business Law and Policy Specialization

Admissions & Procedures

How to Apply

Any student in good standing may apply to be admitted into the Specialization prior to registration for the second-year fall semester courses. A student who has completed, in sequence, the required courses may, for good cause, petition for late acceptance into the Specialization.  

Applications are available online and in the Records Office in Room 1224 of the Law School.


The Specialization is not a separate degree program but rather a specialization within UCLA School of Law. A student who completes the Specialization with a "B minus" average or better in the Specialization courses will receive a transcript notation indicating successful completion of the Specialization.

Enrollment Preferences

Students who have elected the Specialization have certain preference in enrollment over students not in the Specialization. Priority enrollment counts toward first pass units. Students who enroll in fewer than eight priority units can use the remaining units during first pass. The registrar will provide pre-enrollment information each semester.

Accounting for Lawyers

Accounting for Lawyers (Law 234) is intended for students who have had no prior accounting course or other exposure to accounting. Students who have had such background must obtain the permission of the instructor to enroll. Obtaining permission requires submitting information about your accounting background (e.g., accounting courses taken, accounting-related work experience) and explaining why, despite having such exposure, you want to enroll in this basic accounting course.

Financial Analysis

Financial Analysis (Law 358) is intended to acquaint students with the rudiments of many business concepts (e.g., interpretation of accounting information, business valuation methods) that are explored in further depth in subsequent courses in the Specialization.

Students with financial analysis experience (such as prior work experience in the field of investment banking or public accounting and/or academic background in accounting and finance, etc.) may seek a waiver of this course requirement by submitting a Waiver Request Form to the Records Office.

A self-administered Financial Analysis Placement Test is available to help students evaluate whether they might want to seek a waiver from the Financial Analysis course requirement.