Business Law and Policy Specialization

Overview of the Program

The Business Law and Policy Specialization is designed for students interested in practicing business law. Just as the term “business law” covers a wide range of transactions in the modern economy, the Business Law and Policy Specialization provides students with opportunities to study a variety of business transactions in today’s economy.  As students progress through the courses in the Specialization, they first learn the basics of business transactions and then can take courses that explore in depth some of the most sophisticated aspects of business law, including mergers and acquisitions, bankruptcy reorganizations and tax planning for international transactions. The Specialization emphasizes both substantive law courses and training in the practical lawyering skills that the modern business lawyer must master. The Specialization is suitable for students interested in practicing transactional law as well as for students who want to become litigators. 

Students in the Business Law and Policy Specialization choose from among approximately 70 courses and seminars within five tracks: Business Law, Bankruptcy, Mergers and Acquisitions Track, Securities Regulation and Taxation. The five tracks provide additional guidance to students in course selection, as well as highlight the Specialization's curricular strengths. In each track, students begin with foundational courses, and then select from recommended specialized courses, and courses that provide further depth in a variety of areas. In culmination, the program offers students the opportunity to take an intensive transactional skills course. These advanced courses help prepare students to enter into business law practice with a broad exposure to the relevant interconnected bodies of substantive law, and an understanding of what and why transactional lawyers do what they do.