Current Visitors

FengMs. Yanan Feng
Visiting Jurist
Country: China
Attorny, Beijing Maxpro Law Firm

Research: Trans-boundary pollution movements by multinational corporations. Research designed to table suggestions to China’s future legislation on controlling and regulating such pollution movements.


SongJMs. Junrong Song
Visiting Scholar
Country: China
Associate Professor, Shanghai University of Political Science and Law

Research: A comparative study on the implementation of WTO rulings in trade remedy cases. The U.S., EU, and China – as the most active and influential WTO members – are selected for empirical analysis in the comparative study.


HwangMr. Jin Woo Hwang
Visiting Jurist
Country: South Korea
Senior Associate, Yoon & Yang LLC

Research: The impact of the Patent-Approval Linkage System introduced in South Korea by the Free Trade Agreement between South Korea and the U.S. in 2007 on the pharmaceutical industry from the perspective of antitrust law and intellectual property law.


StordeurMr. Eduardo Stordeur, Jr.
Visiting Scholar
Country: Argentina
Professor, University of Buenos Aires
Professor, Universidad Torcuato Di Tella

Research: The application of economics to Argentine and Latin-American environmental law. Introducing the economic tools of America’s legal culture in the context of often inefficient environmental regulations in force there.


Kim-Sok BomMr. Sok Bom Kim
Visiting Jurist
Country: South Korea
Judge, Incheon District Court

Research: Expert Evidence in the United States and Korea: How Daubert might fit into the Korean legal system.


WangYanMs. Yan Wang
Visiting Scholar
Country: China
Associate Professor, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies

Research: The “Green Space” under the WTO. International economic law theory. Renewable energies industries.


nisselMr. Alan Nissel
Visiting Researcher
Country: United States
Ph.D. Candidate, University of Helsinki

Research: The origins of modern international litigation, which includes legal history, diplomatic history, and the history of international law and arbitration.


ZakerhosseinMr. Mohammad Hadi Zakerhossein
Visiting Researcher
Country: Iran
Ph.D. Candidate, Tilburg University

Research: International criminal law. International criminal law’s procedure with respect to pre-trial phase. ICC arrest warrant regime in light of positive complementarity.


shin-hoonsupMr. Hoonsup Shin
Visiting Jurist
Country: Korea
Associate, Kim & Chang

Research: Regulatory measures on private equities in the U.S., a case study of exit strategies by private equities in the U.S., and their implications and potential implementation on the Korean market and legal environment.