Current Visitors

BenozzoMr. Matteo Benozzo
Visiting Scholar
Country: Italy
Assistant Professor, University of Macerata

Research: Wastes as goods/things, U.S. regulation of waste, and food waste. Environmental law.


Baoguo JiangMr. Baoguo Jiang
Visiting Scholar
Country: China
Associate Professor & Associate Dean, South China Agricultural University

Research: "Doctrinal Development and Rules in Transformation: Choice of Law in International Products Liability Cases."


Yuguang ChengMr. Yuguang Cheng
Visiting Scholar
Country: China
Associate Professor, Huazhong Agricultural University

Research: "Restriction and Incentive: The Influence of Environment Law over Producers towards Sustainable Agriculture." Environmental Law.


KwonHong KoMr. KwonHong Ko
Visiting Jurist
Country: South Korea
Associate Judge, Gwangju High Court

Research: "A Study on the Feasibility Relating to an Adoption of the Electronic Discovery System under the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure to the Korean Legal System." Humane technologies and cyberspace privacy.


Antonio Sergio Escrivao FilhoMr. Antonio Sergio Escrivao Filho
Visiting Researcher
Country: Brazil
Ph.D. Candidate, University of Brasilia

Research: The role of the Coloniality and military dictatorship in its relation to the expansion of judicial power in Brazil. The legal mobilization in the theme of right to land in Brazil. A critical analysis on access to justice in the Brazilian scene of legal mobilization on right to land.


Hsuan-I LiMr. Hsuan-I Li
Visiting Jurist
Country: Taiwan
Partner, The Banyan Law Firm
Commissioner, Judicial Reform Foundation

Research: The pros and cons of jury systems in California and other states to advise on the merits of the Lay Judge System in Taiwan. Criminal justice. Jury systems.

FengMs. Yanan Feng
Visiting Jurist
Country: China
Attorney, Beijing Maxpro Law Firm

Research: Trans-boundary pollution movements by multinational corporations. Research designed to table suggestions to China’s future legislation on controlling and regulating such pollution movements.


Weifeng Albert XiangMr. Weifeng (Albert) Xiang
Visiting Scholar
Country: China
Lecturer, Guangdong Industry Technical College

Research: Cross-border e-commerce. Comparative study on e-commerce development and legislation between China and the U.S. and harmonization of cross-border commercial law. Law and economics.


Thalia GonzalezMs. Thalia González
Visiting Scholar
Country: United States
Associate Professor, Occidental College

Research: Domestic human rights. A study of the conditions under which human rights activism, expression, and implementation has occurred in the U.S. Exploration of norm translation and entrepreneurship, and the impact of social mobilization and activism. How human rights norms and discourse have been translated and adopted in local settings by non-elite actors engaged in education rights, juvenile justice, and racial justice campaigns in the U.S.


Yutong Alex ZhangMr. Yutong (Alex) Zhang
Visiting Researcher
Country: China
Ph.D. Candidate, China University of Political Science and Law

Research: "Sovereign Debt Restructuring: A rebalancing project of the national central bank’s balance sheet." Sovereign debt.