Current Visitors

BenozzoMr. Matteo Benozzo
Visiting Scholar
Country: Italy
Assistant Professor, University of Macerata

Research: Wastes as goods/things, U.S. regulation of waste, and food waste. Environmental law.


SongJMs. Junrong Song
Visiting Scholar
Country: China
Associate Professor, Shanghai University of Political Science and Law

Research: A comparative study on the implementation of WTO rulings in trade remedy cases. The U.S., EU, and China – as the most active and influential WTO members – are selected for empirical analysis in the comparative study.

FengMs. Yanan Feng
Visiting Jurist
Country: China
Attorny, Beijing Maxpro Law Firm

Research: Trans-boundary pollution movements by multinational corporations. Research designed to table suggestions to China’s future legislation on controlling and regulating such pollution movements.