The Law Firm Challenge reconnects UCLA School of Law’s alumni, each year encouraging participants to make regular, annual contributions to the school, particularly the UCLA Law Fund.  The school owes a great deal to the representatives of the participating Challenge firms and the alumni at those firms for their leading role in expanding the connections between their firms and the school and reinvigorating the Law Annual Fund.   Please note that ALL gifts made to the law school, not merely those to the UCLA Law Fund, are applied to firm participation rates.   

A note from Jim Barrall '75, Founding Chair of the UCLA Law Firm Challenge:

UCLA Law Firm Challenge: More than a Decade of Excellence


We have officially kicked off the 111h annual UCLA Law School Law Firm Challenge, after completing our 10th consecutive record-setting year! Launching our second decade is a major milestone for the Challenge, and we thank all of our participating alumni and firms for being part of it.  Because of their support, our Challenge is one of the stand-out alumni outreach and fundraising initiatives at UCLA Law and has gained nationwide recognition as a model for other law schools. To remind you, last year we again set records for the number of firms participating in the Challenge (98), the number of firms attaining 100% participation (52) and the aggregate participation rate for all firms (80%). 

As proud as we are of our numbers, we must not lose sight of the Challenge’s larger mission, and that is to encourage our alumni to stay engaged with the School after graduation and support it not just with money, but with their time, energy and goodwill.   In these uncertain times, it is more important than ever that our alumni spend time on campus in any number of ways, mentoring students and helping them prepare for their lives as lawyers, at law firms and otherwise.  The 130 law firm representatives at our Challenge firms and other alumni outside of the Challenge are doing this, and we encourage you to join us.  There is much to be done to continue to build the excellence of our School in these times of constant change and challenge, but those of us who know what is happening on campus know that we are well positioned to compete and succeed.  So please lend us your support, across the board. 

You can see the live results of the “horserace” here https://apps.law.ucla.edu/lawfirm/ – though only firms whose reps have submitted their current rosters have horses that have “left the starting gate.”

But the Challenge is not all about work and showing your financial support! Over the years, we have built a cadre of caring alumni, all of whom enjoyed and value their UCLA Law education and who want to get involved and give back. The alumni who are active in the Law Firm Challenge have fun and are proud to be part of the successes of the Challenge and the growing excellence of the school. We hold events throughout the year for our firm representatives and friends at the school, which allows us to build on the collegiality and camaraderie that is a hallmark of UCLA Law’s alumni culture. And our work together gives our law firms an opportunity for greater involvement in UCLA Law and greater exposure Los Angeles legal community. 

If you and your firm are not already in the Challenge, we encourage you to join us. You will find great satisfaction and personal opportunities in it, and you will join a special group of fun, motivated law school alumni. Please contact La Shawn Hardemion at (310) 206-2344 or hardemion@law.ucla.edu to enroll your firm in the UCLA Law Firm Challenge.  

Thank you, as always, for your support. See you at the finish line!


James D. C. Barrall '75
UCLA Law Firm Challenge Founding Chair