Reunion Challenge

Rise to the Challenge. Join your class in support of UCLA Law.

Make Your Reunion Gift

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We would like to congratulate the winning the classes of the 2017 Reunion Cups! The name of the winning class will be engraved on each Reunion cup.  See the results of the Reunion 2017 Challenge.

  • Reunion Cup for Generosity: Class of 1987 – $1,746,037
  • Reunion Cup for Participation: Class of 1992 – 45.20%
  • Reunion Cup for Attendance: Class of 1992 – 86 Classmates
  • Reunion Cup for Leadership: Class of 1992 – 19 Dean's Circle Members

The Reunion Challenge is an intergenerational funding effort that spans your fifth to 50th years as alumni. Your reunion year is the perfect opportunity to begin, renew or increase your giving to the law school. Giving back now will help current and future law students realize their dreams, just as your exceptional, yet affordable, legal education helped you realize yours. Not only will you be helping fund UCLA Law’s current and long term needs, you will also increase your class’ giving and participation statistics in the challenge.

Your participation matters. UCLA Law’s campaigns and challenges reinforce the strong sense of community that exists among our alumni. By giving collectively to a greater cause, you are part of the team that helps achieve the law school’s highest ambitions.

Make your reunion gift and help your class win a 2017 Reunion Cup! During the Reunion Class Receptions, UCLA School of Law will award four cups to reunion classes recognizing achievements in fundraising and in attendance. Join with your classmates and make a gift in celebration of your Reunion, and help your class be recognized with a Cup during the Reunion celebration. It's not too early to start the race - all gifts and pledges made between July 1, 2016 and September 30, 2017 count towards the cups! View the results of Past Reunion Challenges.

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  1. Reunion Cup for Generosity:  Awarded to the class that donates the most funds to UCLA School of Law in celebration of the Reunion.
  2. Reunion Cup for Participation: Awarded to the class that has the highest percentage of classmates making a gift or pledge to the UCLA School of Law.
  3. Reunion Cup for Attendance:  Awarded to the class with the highest number of classmates attending Reunion 2017 Celebration.
  4. Reunion Cup for Leadership: Awarded to the class with the highest percentage of classmates who are members of UCLA Law Dean’s Circle.

Give Now

Reunion 2017 Giving Chart as of 09302017

RC 2017 Lifetime Giving Chart as of 05082017

For many alumni, their reunion celebration is an opportunity to make a gift above and beyond what they might typically make. Gifts at all levels are welcome and assist us in increasing our participation rates, an important factor used in determining our national rankings.

Some choose to make five-year pledges in honor of the reunion. These pledges allow the law school to count on your sustained support. Making a gift at the Dean’s Circle level is another way for you to make an impact at the law school. Annual gifts of $2,500, $5,000, $10,000 or $25,000 help the law school build its philanthropic base and fill its most pressing needs — and offer you great benefits at the same time. Or if a planned gift is more feasible than an outright cash gift, please consider including UCLA Law in your estate by making a planned gift in honor of your reunion.