In addition to its OCI program, OCS has employed a two-pronged strategy with diverse tactics to support students’ job searches.  The goals are (1) to maximize the employment opportunities easily seen by students, and (2) to heighten the engagement of UCLA School of Law students with their job searches.

The “opportunity prong” includes:

  • Outreaching to alumni by personally calling several hundred alumni in all fields and diverse locations to discuss concrete opportunities for students this coming year, or to establish that the graduate will serve as a “market contact” to help students identify opportunities in their city;
  • Contacting other potential employers in private practice and government to learn of their hiring needs for next year, and how students should best apply;
  • Attending alumni receptions and other networking events to outreach to alumni and other attorneys;
  • Calling hundreds of judges to establish relationships and gather clerkship hiring information for 3Ls as well as summer information for 1Ls/2Ls;
  • Collaborating with individual faculty members to determine how they may most efficiently support students’ career goals;
  • Distributing resume books periodically for employers in diverse geographic regions; and
  • Hiring a new alumni advisor to perform additional outreach and uncover opportunities specifically for alumni and new graduates.

The “engagement prong” includes:

  • Individualized student career counseling through the section advisor program;
  • Alumni counseling by an advisor, who concentrates on counseling for alumni and who offers additional support services for spring semester 3Ls and new graduates;
  • A range of innovative career-focused programs offered throughout the academic year, including panel discussions, workshops, and training sessions;
  • An “in the office mock” interview program for 2Ls and an on-campus mock interview program for 1Ls;
  • An alumni mentor program for 1Ls with an introductory reception;
  • An Office of Career Services blog with continuously posted information on events and opportunities; and
  • A password-protected website that makes job-hunting resources available to students 24/7.