The Office of Career Services (OCS) at UCLA School of Law will allow its resources to be used by students and alumni of non-UC law schools. 

To Request for Reciprocity:
  • All requests must be emailed from the student or graduate's career services office to Tina Lee at
  • UCLA OCS will communicate with the requesting school only, but will send a copy of the grant or denial to the requestor if that information is provided.  Please instruct your students or graduates not to contact UCLA directly.
Reciprocity Limitations:
  • All requests are evaluated individually; a grant of reciprocity is not guaranteed.
  • Reciprocity will be granted on a one for one basis:  reciprocity will be granted only to the student or graduate for whom the request was made, and UCLA School of Law expects reciprocity to be granted to one student or graduate in return.  Reciprocity requests are for a three-month period only or until August 1, whichever occurs first.
  • To use OCS library, non-UC students must have with them a copy of the letter granting reciprocity and a photo ID.  An appointment is not required to visit OCS. The Office of Career Services is located in Room 77 in the basement level of Dodd Hall.
  • Reciprocity is closed between August 1 and December 1.  Only UCLA School of Law students and alumni may have access to OCS during this period.
  • The following services are not available under a reciprocity grant:
    • Career counseling, resume review and on-campus interviewing
    • Username and password to subscribed websites
    • Access to the intranet part of UCLA Law School’s website.  

Requests for or questions about reciprocity may be directed to:
Tina Lee at
(310) 206-1117