Employment Statistics for 2016 Graduates


Employment Data for the Class of 2016 provided in ABA standard format

Employment Data for the Class of 2016, provided in NALP standard format, partially redacted due to privacy concerns

CS-ABA_Employment_Summary_2016_Graduates_2-28-18-full_02 CS-ABA_Employment_Summary_2016_Graduates_2-28-18-full_03 CS-ABA_Employment_Summary_2016_Graduates_2-28-18-full_04 CS-ABA_Employment_Summary_2016_Graduates_2-28-18-full_05 CS-ABA_Employment_Summary_2016_Graduates_2-28-18-full_06

NOTE: Employment and salary information is taken from a variety of sources including student self-reporting, alumni surveys, employer information, published salary data and electronic resources. All salary statistics were calculated by Symplicity and/or Excel, based on full-time, long-term positions only. Salary data are not published when there are less than five salaries reported. Employment Type categories in the salary statistics chart are based on NALP definitions, which include public defenders in the public interest category rather than in the government category.